PD27, PD29 Series

Motorized Exit Device & Exit Trim. US Made. No question.

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Introducing the all new, heavier duty PD27 and PD29 series motorized exit devices from Command Access

Customers loved our PD25 but they wanted an even more rugged grade 1 exit device. Introducing the PD27 and PD29 series, 100% engineered and built in the USA, and with even more features!

Designed from the ground up, our new grade 1 architectural exit devices are:

  1. The PD27 wide style (with the PD28 being its mechanical version), and
  2. The PD29 narrow style (with the PD30 being its mechanical version).
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  • Motorized latch retraction with PTS technology
  • Built-in Request to Exit Switch (optional)
  • Audible diagnostics
  • Post-installation adjustments via PTS
  • Tested reliably to 4x BHMA standard
  • Inter-tech Grade 1 certified

The PD27 and PD29 series meet the diverse needs of any architectural application. Both are equipped with our latest motorized latch retraction including PTS (Push to Set) technology, allowing for them to be easily integrated into your access control or accessibility system requirements.


  • Motorized latch retraction
  • 900MA In-rush, <215MA holding
  • Operating voltage: 24-26.5VDC
  • MM5 - 1 Touch PTS

Electrifying Outside Trim

The motorized outside trim option (to enable fail safe for code compliance), eliminates concerns about power rating or voltage compatibility (with support 11 to 30 volts), simplifying the installation process and reducing the likelihood of technical issues on-site. With the ability to switch between fail-safe and fail-secure modes using a convenient dip switch, the ET27 series offers flexibility for common applications.

Quality You Can Hear and Feel

From a double-cushioned spring mechanism for smoother, quieter operation to Molex connectors for easy wiring connections, every component is designed with quality and performance in mind.

New Options

Alarm Kit

Never done before, the alarm kit offers localized relay alarm, or can tie it into an access control system.

  • Configurable auto-silence alarm 7/3/1 Minute
  • Red LED blinks 10-seconds to indicate unit is alarmed
  • Optional switches & relay output available

Delayed Egress

Useful for airports or memory care facilities, this option will prevent someone from exiting depending on the settings (15-30 seconds).

  • Fire alarm cited into power supply
  • Inhibit Input
  • Door position switch
  • Latch bolt Monitor Switch
  • Gang Bus ANG BUS
  • Request to Exit Switch
  • Alarm Relay Contact

Designed to Overcome Common Problems

There’s not a lot of narrow style options out there for architectural exit devices. In retrofits, doing a concealed vertical rod is quite difficult, requiring the whole door to be taken off and rods removed. The PD27 was designed to alleviate this.

Glass doors also be challenging in that you can’t use a rim device on double doors if you want them to be actively closed or opened. Instead, you can use the PD29-SVR surface vertical rod and that will work to overcome the issue. It’s available in a rim, surface vertical rod, and concealed vertical rod in a variety of finishes to fit your project and carries our 3-year "no-hassle" warranty.

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