Command Access Technologies

Command Access is a manufacturer and modifier of high-quality electric locks, panic hardware, power transfer products, power supplies and support components. Our goal as a company is to build relationships based on quality products, superb communication, and pricing programs that provide our customer a competitive advantage.

Please feel free to give us a shout on any of your electrified locking hardware needs! Whether you need guidance on compatible products, new installations or troubleshooting existing hardware we’re here to HELP! 888-622-2377

Customer Testimonials


" You folks are alright... such quick service and the care you take with your customers. Thank you so very much... Have a great day...

Bob, Sr. Sales Representative

I prepped my doors to the wrong hinge template but they we are able to change their standard prep to match mine. I am very impressed with command access right now. All future transfer hinges my company orders in the future will need to be command access.

Casey, Owner

"Great news! Thanks alot for your help on everything. I wish all tech support was as good as you."

Matt, Sales & Service Manager

"I know you are already aware of this, but that kind of service is why I am moving the whole company to CAT product as our standard. You folks Rock!"

Jesse, Security Integrator/Installer