The Command Access Field Tester

Published on Jun 13, 2024

Necessity breeds invention, and like many of our products, we designed and built a device we call the Command Access Field Tester, created to solve problems we saw firsthand. The Field Tester is a lightweight, portable power source & continuity tester designed to test a variety of door hardware devices including mortise and cylindrical locks, motorized and solenoid-driven exit devices, electrified hinges, switches, electric strikes and virtually any electrified product that needs power from 12-24VDC power source.

The Field Tester simplifies the installation and troubleshooting process by providing a convenient and fast way to test on-the-spot and troubleshoot electrified hardware.

Testing New Installation or Troubleshooting Existing Ones

Command Access designed the Field Tester primarily for installers. Previously without the Field Tester, installers had no dedicated tool for quality testing their work in the field. We watched them rely on bulky power supplies and long extension cords, hoping there was a nearby wall outlet. This setup was cumbersome and inefficient, leading to delays and less than perfect installation results.

With the Field Tester, an installer can easily slide in a compatible power tool battery, to create a compact, versatile, portable power source, making field testing much more convenient than any other solution available.

To use the Field Tester, simply:

  1. Insert the appropriate test connectors.
  2. Insert the battery.
  3. Set the voltage.
  4. Carry out the Test.
  5. View the result.
  6. Dance away after another successful installation!

Installers never want calls from a client reporting that the product they just installed has issues. With the Field Tester, verification that everything is functioning correctly before you leave the site is simple. Additionally, when multiple parties such as door hardware installers and security integrators are working together, the field tester ensures smoother collaboration and outcome.

Built for Versatility

The Field Tester is versatile, working with products from various door hardware manufacturers and a wide range of Command Access products. It's compatible with cordless drill batteries from popular brands like DeWalt, Makita, and Milwaukee.

Testing Command Access products including cylindrical locks, mortise locks, and exit trims is effortless with the easy plug-in connector. For those working with exit devices, the Field Tester also includes a dedicated exit device connector. In addition to the plug-in connector, the Field Tester comes with alligator clips, enabling installers to test a wide range of products.

While it was created for testing door hardware, you can test just about anything that’s operated off 10-24v. Our customers have shared a ton of creative use cases, such as testing trailer lights, electronic devices, cameras, operators, and more. let us know if you find any out of the box applications!

Useful Testing Features

The Field Tester can handle the amount of power in solenoid-driven mechanisms and motorized latch retraction exit devices, ensuring that you can fully test the functionality of these components in the field. The Field Tester includes short circuit protection to safeguard both the device and the components you are testing while maintaining a small form factor.

Another helpful feature is the integrated continuity tester. This tool includes a built-in beeper and LED, allowing you to easily verify circuit continuity. The audible and visual indicators make it straightforward to confirm connections, reducing the time spent diagnosing wiring issues.

Make the Command Access Field Tester a part of your toolkit and learn more here.