Never stop improving.

We’re committed to continuous improvement. We listened to customer feedback, monitored our tech calls, and decided it was time to innovate.

Command Access customers: meet MLRK1-JAC12.

With this new version of the MLRK1, we’ve improved the design, which elevated our ability to take more control of the quality of the components.

Looking for a motorized latch-retraction kit for your storefront exit devices? Your search is over. The Command Access MLRK1-JAC12 is a cost-effective and straightforward way to convert mechanical Grade 1 Jackson 1285/1295, Kawneer 1686/1786 and AHT 8/9 series exit devices to motorized latch retraction devices – all while maintaining any existing UL listings. 

MLRK1-JAC12 Overview

See what the MLRK1-JAC12 is all about

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The MLRK1-JAC12 installed in a standard exit device


What’s New?

  • Easier installation
  • Larger motor = stronger pulling power for vertical rods
  • Push-to-set (PTS) smooth technology for easy post-installation adjustment of the latch
  • Universal module that works across all our kits
  • Energy conscious with our MM5 module
  • Internal quality control so we can ensure a quality product every time
  • True electronic dogging

What Hasn’t Changed?

  • Made in the USA
  • 3-year warranty
  • UL listed
  • Field installable
  • Optional built-in request-to-exit-switch
  • Exceptional and enthusiastic in-house customer support

Committed To Continuous Improvement

MLRK1-JAC12 Installation

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What’s got Mateo dancing this time?

The MLRK1-JAC12 saves you time, sweat, and tears.

The MLRK1-JAC12 is the only device that doesn’t have limited compatibility or require a specialty power supply to work with other products: it works on both rim and concealed vertical rod devices with no additional specialty power supply needed. With the MLRK1-JAC12, you’ve got the flexibility you need to be confident you’ve always got the right product on hand. You’re not locked in to a brand – you can use the MLRK1-JAC12 with most major manufacturers’ products.

The flexibility continues if you need a built-in request-to-exit switch: nothing separate to install, just another monitoring switch that’s there when you need it. Our updated module means it’s the same as our other kits: audible diagnostics, the same post-installation adjustment. No matter what manufacturers’ device you’re using, you can experience consistency with our MLRK1-JAC12. We’ve added a new motor to the MLRK1-JAC12. Larger motor = more torque = stronger pulling power for vertical rods.

With our MLRK1-JAC12, installation has never been easier. We relocated the mounting location from our previous model so that installation of MLRK1-JAC12 requires less disassembly than the previous model. Our easy-to-install motor-driven kits install in moments.

We’ve upped our game. Now you can up yours.

With MLRK1, give your customers a superior product with less effort and cost.

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