Never stop improving.

We’re committed to continuous improvement. We listened to customer feedback, monitored our tech calls, and decided it was time for a change.

Command Access customers: meet MLRK1-AR.

With this new version of the MLRK1, the improved design elevates our ability to take more control of the quality of the components so we can ensure that every product we sell features the Command Access level of quality we stand by.

Looking for a motorized latch-retraction kit for your Adams Rite storefront exit devices? Your search is over. The MLRK1-AR is a robust, straightforward field-installable motorized latch retraction kit for Adams Rite P88/88/86/84/82 series exit devices. It utilizes a CAT-designed custom assembly to maximize the pulling force. The only hole you’ll need to drill is the raceway! It uses our new 1-touch PTS “Push to Set” technology, making post-installation adjustments a breeze. An optional built-in REX switch is available to add onto all units!

MLRK1-AR Overview

See what the MLRK1-AR is all about

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The MLRK1-AR installed in a standard exit device


What’s New?

  • Easier installation
  • Larger motor = stronger pulling power for vertical rods
  • Push-to-set (PTS) smooth technology for easy post-installation adjustment of the latch
  • Universal module that works across all our kits
  • True electronic dogging
  • Energy conscious with our MM5 module
  • Internal quality control so we can ensure a quality product every time

What Hasn’t Changed?

  • Made in the USA
  • 3-year warranty
  • UL listed
  • Field installable
  • Optional built-in request-to-exit-switch
  • Exceptional and enthusiastic in-house customer support

Committed To Continuous Improvement

MLRK1-AR Installation

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What’s got Mateo dancing this time?

The MLRK1-AR saves you time, sweat, and money.

The MLRK1-AR is the only electrification that doesn’t have limited compatibility or require a specialty power supply to work properly: it works on both rim and concealed vertical rod devices with no additional specialty power supply needed. With the MLRK1-AR, you’ve got the flexibility you need to be confident you’ve always got the right product on hand. You’re not locked in to just the OEM brand – you can use our MLRK1’s with most major manufacturers’ products.

The flexibility continues if you need a built-in request-to-exit switch: nothing separate to install, just another monitoring switch that’s there when you need it. Our updated module means it’s the same as our other kits: audible diagnostics, the same post-installation adjustment. No matter what manufacturers’ device you’re using, you can experience consistency with our MLRK1-AR. We’ve added a new motor to the MLRK1-AR. Larger motor = more torque = stronger pulling power for vertical rods.

With our MLRK1-AR, installation has never been easier. We revamped the mounting process from our previous model so that installation of MLRK1-AR requires less installation time than the previous model. Our easy-to-install motor-driven kits install in moments.

We’ve upped our game. Now you can up yours.

With MLRK1, give your customers a superior product with less effort and cost.

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