Versatility in a heavy-duty, high-quality, electrified lock

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Introducing the new, heavy duty CL190-HD lock from Command Access

Frustrated by locks that show wear-and-tear – or worse, break – after a few years? Tired of purchasing a lock only to find out it’s the wrong voltage? Annoyed by replacing locks when they need to be fail-safe instead of fail-secure?

The CL190-HD is a groundbreaking heavy duty Grade 1 electrified lock that offers flexible options. When you choose the CL190-HD, you can be assured that it will work for your unique needs and hold up to rigorous daily use.

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Checkout the CL190-HD

One lock to power them all

CL190-HD Features

  • Electrified – motor-driven lever control
  • Universal voltage input (11-30v)
  • Fail-safe or fail-secure with the flip of a switch
  • 25-year mechanical warranty
  • 5-year electronic warranty
  • Made in the USA
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Are you a distributor?

The CL190-HD offers you:

  • Fewer returns (the flexibility means it’s easier to be “the right choice” for more customers)
  • More configurations & options with only 1 SKU on your shelves
  • Versatile inventory
  • Confidence in your recommendations to customers
  • Appealing price points for a wide range of customers
  • Premium customer support

Are you an installer?

With the CL190-HD, you can:

  • Offer a cost-effective, flexible solution
  • Provide confidence in durability through a longer warranty period
  • Stock more configurations & options with only 1 item on hand
  • Support USA-made products
  • Rely on premium customer support
  • Know you have a product that will work in most situations
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