The Best in Electric Latch Retraction: The Story of the MLRK1-AR

Published on Oct 25, 2023

In the world of access control and security hardware, innovation is the driving force that propels companies forward. At Command Access, we've always been dedicated to continuous improvement and staying at the forefront of technology. The story of the MLRK1-AR, our Adams Rite electric latch retraction kit, begins with a dedication to quality, customer feedback, and the pursuit of excellence.

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A Commitment to Listening: Giving Our Customers What They Want

Our journey starts with a commitment to listening. We value our customers' feedback and actively seek it out. We realized that there was room for improvement in our existing product line, specifically in the motorized electric latch retraction kit for Adams Rite storefront exit devices. To make informed decisions, we began monitoring our tech calls and closely analyzing the issues customers were facing with our products.

This data-driven approach allowed us to identify patterns and areas where we could enhance our designs. With an abundance of customer feedback and a thorough analysis process, it was clear that it was time to innovate. We were set on developing a solution that not only addressed the existing challenges but also set a new standard for quality and ease of use.

Introducing the new MLRK1-AR – a groundbreaking motorized electric latch retraction kit designed to set a new benchmark for quality and functionality. Thanks to our rigorous quality control, we can ensure that this new version, as with all our products, reflects the Command Access level of quality that we stand by. Our team of engineers and designers worked tirelessly to create this new version of the MLRK1-AR. We took on the challenge of developing a robust, field-installable motorized electric latch retraction kit. And if you already have an Adams Rite P88/88/86/84/82 series exit device, then you’re set to get your own MLRK1-AR installed in your current model.

MLRK1-AR Product

Setting the Bar With a Simple and Reliable Tool: Electric Latch Retraction Kits With “Push To Set” Technology

The heart of the MLRK1-AR lies in its innovative features. We designed a custom assembly to maximize the pulling force, ensuring it can handle the demands of vertical rod exit devices. The installation process was streamlined, with the need for drilling reduced to just the raceway. It can even be installed without taking the device off the door.

One of the standout features of the MLRK1-AR is the seamless post-installation adjustment process, made possible by the one-touch “Push To Set” (PTS) technology. We aimed to make the user experience as smooth as possible. Understanding that our customers have unique requirements, we also made an optional built-in REX (Request to Exit) switch available for all units, providing even more flexibility and functionality.

Introducing the New MLRK1-AR: The Electric Latch Retraction Kit You Need for Your Adams Rite Exit Device 

The MLRK1-AR was finally ready to meet the world. We now proudly introduce it to our Command Access customers, offering a solution that exceeds expectations and addresses the needs of those seeking a motorized electric latch retraction kit for their Adams Rite storefront exit devices.

The development story of the MLRK1-AR is a testament to our dedication to continuous improvement, keeping our customers’ needs at the forefront, and endlessly pursuing the pinnacle in the realm of security hardware. As technology and customer needs continue to evolve, Command Access remains committed to staying at the head of the pack, driving innovation, and providing the highest level of quality.

The MLRK1-AR is not just a product; it's a representation of our unwavering commitment to security, quality, and innovation. This is the story of the MLRK1-AR, and it's just the beginning of what we and our customers can achieve together.

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