Command Access Delivers Comprehensive Door Hardware Electrification

Published on May 30, 2024

Command Access manufactures high-quality door hardware electrification products to electrify existing mechanical door hardware. Command’s products include power transfers, power supplies, locking hardware, low-energy operators and other related accessories making them a one-stop-solution for all door hardware electrification requirements.

Command Access' Product Families

In this post, we’ll explore these products and offerings further.

Exit Device Electrification Retrofit Kits (MLRK)


The Motorized Latch Retraction Kit (MLRK) is Command Access’ field installable kit to electrify existing mechanical exit devices. The MLRK was uniquely designed to fit completely within the exit device, enabling it to be easily retrofitted to existing hardware. The motorized latch retraction allows for low inrush, true electronic dogging, and Command’s patented PTS (push to set) programming makes adjustments a breeze. While it’s energy efficient, you still need a proper power supply. It integrates into nearly every Grade 1 exit device on the market.

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Electrified Exit Devices


Command Access’ electrified exit device line offers both solenoid and motorized options. Whether your current door setup is wide or narrow stile, concealed or surface vertical rod, rim or mortise, Command has you covered. If you have a device that can’t be electrified, Command offers complete electrified exit devices with the motor pre-installed that match many of the main manufactures' templates, such as their recently in-house designed PD27 and PD29.

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Electrified Cylindrical Locks


Command designs, manufactures, and modifies numerous Grade 1 electrified cylindrical locks, enabling the lever to be electronically locked and unlocked, with an optional request to exit switch built in. Their latest models CL180LE and CL190HD also allow universal voltage input taking anywhere from 11 to 30V. Recently, Command has introduced the industry’s first motorized latch retraction in a cylindrical lock. This is the patent pending LPC190.

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Electrified Mortise Locks


Command designs, manufactures, and modifies numerous Grade 1 electrified mortise locks, enabling the lever to be electronically locked and unlocked, with optional monitoring switches built in. Their ML180 & ML190 are direct retrofits to the Schlage L Series. The ML190 also allows universal voltage input taking anywhere from 11 to 30V. Command was the first manufacturer in the industry to bring latch retraction into a mortise lock with their LPM190 series.

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Door Electrification Power Supplies


Switching power supplies are not designed to do the heavy lifting of electrified hardware, so Command designed and manufactures a comprehensive range of locking hardware power supply solutions. They use linear power supplies, which have capacitors on board. This enables power to be readily available and distributed to the locking hardware avoiding power instability caused by in-rush demand. Power can be confidently provided for solenoid and motor driven exit devices, electric locks, electric strikes, and magnetic locks.

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Power Transfers


Command offers a variety of power transfer options. The Energy Transfer Hinge (ETH) is ideal to pass fully concealed power from the frame through the door. The Energy Transfer Monitor (ETM) hinge adds to the ETH with the additional capability of a door status monitor. The Concealed Door Loop (CDL) also conceals power and is ideal for continuous hinges. The surface Door Loop provides a lower-cost method of transferring power.

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The Command Access Field Tester

Field Tester

Seeing an opportunity to assist installers diagnose door hardware issues more quickly, Command Access innovated the Field Tester. Installers appreciate a faster method to diagnose issues more accurately and complete their installations with greater assurance. The Field Tester can test hardware solutions across the entire 11 to 30 volt range and is equipped with a built-in continuity tester. The Field Tester is compatible with popular cordless batteries.

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Product Solutions/Packages

Bathroom Kit

The Universal Bathroom Privacy Kit is a solution tailored for single occupancy restrooms that need ADA accessibility alongside privacy and security. These packages are built around the LPM190 series mortise lock and include options on power transfers, opener and actuators. They include point-to-point wiring diagrams to provide everything needed for a seamless installation.

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Customer First Mindset

Command’s product development approach is centered on customer input and feedback. In some cases, new products have stemmed directly from customer recommendations. Command’s engineering is done in the USA with most manufacturing being conducted in the US machine shop.

They also take a programmatic approach to quality control, testing beyond the BHMA standard to ensure every possible failure is identified and rectified prior to release. Command is therefore able to provide their industry leading, ‘no hassle’ warranty. They pride themselves on short lead-time fulfillment, often being substituted in by other manufacturers when they cannot meet customer delivery schedules.

Calling the Command support line will be answered by a qualified, knowledgeable customer support agent. They understand when installers call in, they need immediate help when in the field.

Command threads their culture of ‘Always here to help’ into everything they do to ensure their customers have access to the most advanced and reliable products available; that they can get them with minimal fuss, and can get help from anywhere within the organization. This makes Command Access the vendor of choice for your electrified door hardware needs.