The CRU3 is the latest current reduction module redesigned with a smaller footprint and energy improvements to work more efficiently with low current DC voltage electric locking devices such as cylindrical locks, mortise locks, panic trim or strikes that are being used in a “fail safe” or “unlock cycle” condition. When energized, the CRU3 allows the device to receive full current long enough for the solenoid to retract. Once retracted, the CRU3 limits the current for the solenoid to remain retracted as long as is needed. While limiting the current, the CRU3 sends an occasional high frequency pulse to ensure that there are no “re-locking” issues. This prevents failures due to door misalignment or prolonged lever engagement by the users. Our new 50% mode makes powering a 12V solenoid with a 24V power supply a breeze! Check out the video for a preview.